The conference is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the Gestalt approach to meet in person, to learn with and from each other, and to develop personal and professional relationships. Our intention is that together, we can build bridges and create connections between colleagues: professionals and non-professionals, teachers and students, therapists and organisational practitioners, and also between different perspectives and polarities! Let’s spend time together in Budapest experiencing these bridges in a state of creative indifference.


In Budapest we aim to co-create with you a fertile space in which we can all connect, share and explore ourselves and each other and find new possibilities in the flow of our creative energies and in the emergence of new understandings.

Keynote Speakers

Please find linked our Keynote speaker's thoughts about Conference: Nancy Amendt-Lyon, Kathleen Höll MA, Lynne Jacobs Ph.D, John Leary-Joyce, Robert W. Resnick, Gordon Wheeler PhD. See the video interviews!

Hold your workshop

Are you interested in facilitating your own workshop? Are you inspired by the conference theme? Do you feel the theme speaks to you and inspires you to run a workshop? We would be glad to welcome you as one of the workshop facilitator. We look forward to receiving your abstract, which will be considered by the workshop committee.

Scholarship fund

A scholarship fund is being developed to support those who need financial assistance to join us and attend the conference. EAGT is proud of its tradition of helping individuals who are financially challenged, to attend their conferences.