Application for an EAGT Scholarship for the EAGT Conference Budapest

September 19th – 22nd, 2019

An experiential exploration: The fertile void and creative indifference

With the help of voluntary donations and an EAGT surplus from both the Taormina Conference (2016) and the Paris Research conference (2017), we are able to offer a number of partial scholarships. EAGT Ordinary members (OM) and Associate members (AM) who wish to attend the 2019 EAGT conference in Budapest can apply for a scholarship, up to a maximum of €250.
Scholarships are available for individuals facing financial difficulties. If you wish to apply, please send a letter outlining your reasons on or before 31st May 2019. This should be no longer than 250 words, and specify: including name, age, EAGT membership status, country, job description and:

  • your interest in attending the conference; identify any ways in which you might convey your experience of the conferences to others in the psychotherapy field,
  • your total financial outlay for attending the conference; how much you can contribute yourself and the amount you need from the fund,
  • unique personal circumstances, which make you eligible to apply.

Awarding a scholarship is based on trust that applicants have provided accurate information. The scholarship committee will assess your application and respond within 4 weeks of receipt. Therefore, all applications will be considered in the order in which applications are received. You are required to let the committee know whether you accept any award granted to you within one week of receiving the Committee’s response. The names of successful scholarship recipients will only be known to members of the scholarship committee.

Please note that scholarship can only be awarded to those who have already paid their conference registration fees, whether EAGT members or non EAGT members.

EAGT Scholarship Application Form for the 2019 EAGT Conference in Budapest, September 19th – 22nd
An experiential exploration: The fertile void and creative indifference

The deadline for sending this form is 31st May 2019. The Scholarship Fund committee’s decision will be communicated to you within 4 weeks.